Monday, October 24, 2005

This is India

I got this thro' mail from my friend. This gives the salary of the sweeper, helper, driver,director,
deputy GM and CEO. Jus compare it

NTPC = National Thermal Power Corporation
Post Education Name Monthly Rs. (INR) Monthly US$

Sweeper Never Went to School Lal Beni 72,345.50 1607.8

Helper Never Went to School Safal Ram 74,864.08 1,663.65

(May be Helper) Till 4th RaghunathSharma 54,166.67 1,203.70

(May be Helper) Till 6th Prem Singh 65,818.42 1,462.63

Driver Till 8th Satbir Singh 76,578.42 1,701.74

Director Engg. Graduate (Mech.)
& MBA R.D. Kapoor 88,531.92 1,967.38

Dy. GM PHD D. N. Rai 43,491.92 966.49

CEO BSC Engg. Degree S. S. Chakrowarti 73,304.83 1,629
Exp. Of :36 Years

Only the sweeper earns less than the CEO and it only a difference of 1000 Rs.
No wonder India has huge deficit.

Click on this link for the original article

Friday, October 21, 2005

To be or not to be??????????????

Recently while I was having my lunch with my friend in a small mess, I heard two elderly gents having a conversation. One of them is a freedom fighter. He was talking about how India is today. One of the things he said was that the youngsters nowadays have no love for their country and are running to other countries. This came as a shock to me because being a youngster I know a lot of guyz who love this country as any patriot would do. However my mind raised a question to me. I am very patriotic and i love my country, but if given a chance will I go abroad and work. It was a tough question.Then i started thinkin about it. May be the reason is the society??or our politicians?? We have a lot of talented youngsters who can do magic in any given field but could not do it because of the lack of recognition. when someone foreigner pproaches such a young man and promises him a scholarship or research facility it is then the mind and the heart starts fighting . the mind will urge him to use this oppurtunity because it is a logical and sensible thing to do, where as the heart will stop him by talking about patriotism. this is probably the state of a lot of youngsters in India. To be or not to be in India. hope all the bloggers wil give ur opinions and correct me if i am wrong.

P.S : This article has no disrespect intended to the people who are abroad. am just sharing my view. If this hurts someone, I sincerely apologize

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A shame to a true Indian Hero

Recently I read an article in the tamil magazine kumudam jyothidam. It was about an article in the english newspaper 'Trinity Mirror'. The article was about the grave of the lengendary Rajput King Prithiviraj Chauhan at Ghajini, near Kabul. History shows that while fighting with the moghul king Mohammed Ghori, King Prithiviraj actually let Ghori go alive because he lost his sword and was unarmed. But, unfortunately for Prithiviraj, Ghori came to India again and this time captured Prithiviraj alive and took him to Afghanistan where he was beheaded and buried, next to which Ghori was later buried. The article shows that above the grave of Prithiviraj there is a rope, dangling from which the Afghans actually kick Prithiviraj's grave and then pray at Ghori's grave. This is a totally unacceptable insult to one of the bravest King in India. I think the Indian Govt. should do something to bring the remains of King Prithiviraj back to India where he should be properly honoured. This article came in the The Trinity Mirror dated August 1,2005. I tried to get the article from the net, but could not do it. If anybody finds the article please let me know the link.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fairness creams!!! Are they being fair?????????

We have watching a lot of advertisements for fairness creams which show a girl with a dark complecxion has no job, no boyfrnd and no social life. And one fine day by God's grace she starts using a fairness and BOOM, she has everything she wanted. What exactly are these ads trying to say. Are they saying that women with a medium or dark complexion should stays at their homes or they wont have any social life or they wont have any boyfrnds and or wil never get a job. If these fairness creams really make magic as they claim then why use cine actresses like Shriya(Fair & Lovely) or Asin(Fairever) or any model for these ads. Why not an ordinary middle class girl who has used these creams and have seen the result. If these creams can really make one fair in six weeks I think nearly all the women in India wil be fair. Has there been any tests conducted and proved that these things actually work. Aren't these companies passing a wrong idea that u need to be fair to move up in life. This wil definitely create a inferiority complex among some of the not so fair women. Whats the difference between these people and petty criminals who cheat the people. Isn't there any kind of a law which puts an end to these utter nonsense. And to add to the ridicule we have a new fairness cream for men.
Click on the following link for the reaction by a women's organinzation:

Monday, October 03, 2005

India Cricketin Kevalamana Nillai

India cricket adda arambhichathulenthu indha madiri oru kevalam nammaku vanthathe illa. Naama team maga mattama match adinakuda namma ada marauthuruvom. anna ippa Ganguly - Chappell matterala namma nathuke romba kevalam. Ganguly chappell mela complaint parathum, Chappell Gangulya pathi sonathum romba asingam. ithuku ellam mela Chappell anupana mail leak anathuthan. Athula avar Gangulya physically and mentally unfit appadinu sonnathu innum periya prachanaiya undakirichu. namma harbhajan vera thevayillama comment adikiraru. intha madiri irruntha opposite teamuku namma mela eppadi mariyadai varum, bayam varum. ithuku appurama namma players ore teama, team spiritoda aduvangala. kadavulthan kappthanum. (avangala illa, nammala)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tamil Kalacharam! Is it for sale????????????

Recenta namma papers and political parties namma tamil kalacharatha pathi romba kavalapadaranga. kushboova veliya anupanuma,appuram park hotel mela case podaranga. namma makkal nalla irrukanum appadinu unmayave nenecha atha innum nalla seyalame. cine fieldla inniku illatha abasama, kavarchiya illa kissing scena. namma cinemalatha first kissla arambhicu first nite varaikum ella karmathayum kattrangale. athellam ivvanka kannuku therilaya. ivlo pesara papers ethuku nadu pakathula kavarchi padangala podaranga. ethuku cine specialunu supplement papers podaranga. chennaila irrukara makkaluku parangimalai jothi theatrela entha madiri padam podaranganu nallave therium. anna athuku daily paperla ad varuthu. ithalam avanga kannuku theriyatha. ithuku avanga muthale answer tharatum

Sania Mania and her mini skirt

Namma makkal intha madiri chinnapulathanama iruntha namma nadu eppadi munerum. tennis adum pothu skirt podama podava kattikita ada mudiyum. Namma nattu ponnu, international levela famous ana atha pathi nama peruma patama ippadi saniavoda skirta pathium, ava t-shirt pathium comment pannalama????? Intha problema create panra Muslim periyavanguluku oru question. Onga communityku ullaye nare ladies pala problemsnala romba kaztapadaranga. nareya families moonu vela sappadu illama kaztapadranga. poi andha problem pannuga ayya. ippadi namma natta world levela famous akkara ponna kora sollathinga.