Friday, February 12, 2010

10 reasons why I should have a girlfriend!!!

10. Because it is going to make your friends look at you with more respect. Imagine it like adopting a sad, lonely, cute looking puppy (the only thing i lack is tail, but again there are people who think the other way). Your friends will love you for your kind heart

9. Because I am a little lazy (ok a lot lazy), immature, naughty guy. Having a girl friend will change all this and make me a better man (atleast in theory). One of the greatest acts of kindness is to change a guy like me.

8. Because I am great listener. You talk to me on the phone or in person for hours together and I wouldn’t say a word. Listening is something I do best (err, you might have to wake me a few times though)

7. Because I am a very cool kind of guy. I am not gonna embarass you in front of your friends by calling you mushy names or by sending flowers and chocolates to your work place or wait hours outside your friend’s house to drop you when you have a all girls slumber party

6. Because you never have to worry that people might think that your boyfriend is a ‘fruit’ (non tamil speakers, ask your tamil friends what this means). I mean, I am not going to do fruity things like do pooja (not the girl you dimwits, the prayer in the temple) on your birthday or accompany you to temple every week or come to your friends marriage in complete formal wear

5. Because I dont maintain the chocolate boy image with decent haircut, shave my face every week, wear clean clothes and wash my socks. who would want to be with a boring guy like that, duh!!

4. Because I am not going to let your friends think of me a geek. I mean I am not going to be geeky to help with your ipod, mobile and laptop problems. I do know my place and if it is okay with you I will give you the google search results for shops that repair these things

3. Because I am not going to act stupid like coming to our meeting place before you and wait for you and not to make you wait. I mean, where are we? In the army?

2. Because I am not going to make you nervous by driving the bike at high speed in the ECR with you in the back. I will make sure that even your hair is not out of place by not driving at more than 20 k/hr.

1. Because it is going to win you awards. Just imagine how happy the girls in this country would be if I have a girlfriend. It is going to stop from ogling at the girls like ‘pattikattan mittaikadai’ dialogue (well at least in theory)

Now, tell me. Is there any reason why I should not have a girl friend?



Blogger Nithyaswarna said...

adhu elam sari... enaku 10vadhu reason pidikavey ila ... grrr... :@

12:50 PM  
Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

More the merrier my friend, why stop with one !!

I would say go for it...go for girlfriend(s) !!

12:29 AM  

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