Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yet Another Day!!

This is my first post from the US. I have just jotted down what I see everyday when I go to office

Here I am, walking down the fire exit starting off to the office on yet another morning. As I exit the apartment building through the car park, I see her again today in the same place, smoking. I see this girl/lady everyday (I find it difficult to guess the age of the US women :)). She works in the Italian restaurant in my apartment. I see her smoking at the same time every morning with the same resigned expression on her face (It took me a few days to finally define her expression as being resigned). Immediately I start thinking as why she has that expression on her face. Is it because she feels that her life is not good and nothing can be done about it or is she one of the people who have faced so much hardships in life that they surrender themselves to life? I can only wonder!!!!

As I cross the road, I see the same group of people standing under the building. Is it some kind of employment office which helps them find a job or is it some kind of community center for these people (who are from the same country). What happens in this building every day? Are these people really happy and joyful as they appear or is it just a mask? I can only wonder.

As I walk towards the bus stop, the elderly lady is already there. I am completely amazed by her. She would be definitely 70 and is still working. I see her at the bus stop when I reach there (FYI, I reach there by 6.45, guess she comes even before that). When I see her, there are two things that run through my mind

1. The confidence and self respect of not just this elderly woman, but a lot of elderly people here in the US. I also respect and admire the elderly friendly policy the government has. It just hurts to see the way elders are treated in our country.

2. At the same time, I wonder every day as to why she is still working? Is it because she is all alone without any family or has her family abandoned her? Reminds me of our own country and culture where the elderly have an option to live peacefully with their family (at least in most cases)

There is this gentleman who is employed with my customer. I might be completely wrong here, but I have a strong feeling that he is not exactly happy with us being here, taking away their jobs (technically speaking) or it might be just me bringing the worst out of people ;) Finally, how can I not mention Cindy? This lady somewhere in her mid thirties is BLESSED. No matter what time of the day, she will always be a big genuine smile on her face. I strongly feel that her smile emanates from her heart. She is one of those people who bring the warmth right out of their heart. She is an absolute inspiration to me on how to make friends even with people who are from a different country/religion. Ha, finally the bus enters the driveway into the office. Out of the 30 minute drive, the last 2 minutes down the driveway is my most favorite part. My office is surrounded by forest. Nope, I am not joking. I am completely serious (in faces bears have been spotted near the office). Well, the bus has stopped. Yet another day to spend with the usual calls, meetings and trouble shooting

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